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My career in international education has taken me to seven countries on three continents, where I have been a teacher, an IB Coordinator, a Head of School and a Chair of the World Council of IB Heads.  My educational philosophy has evolved considerably with my changing perspectives, but whatever my role I have found myself challenging accepted wisdoms and questioning the assumptions that we all carry with us.  I have never been very good at saying what people want to hear, but my various utterings and writings seem to have been appreciated as prompting useful discussions.

Now that I have no direct connection with any one school, I have been urged to carry on contributing my thoughts to the broader educational dialogue, and this blog is my response.  Some of the posts will be specific to international education, but the majority will be more general in nature.  If some of my ideas provoke a conversation my goal will have been achieved, and agreement or disagreement are equally welcome.

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  1. I haven’t delved into your blog but I have subscribed and look forward to reading your posts and ideas. I am particularly interested in your thought on “mathematics”. I look forward to your posts.

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